Top 8 Reasons Chuka Creek

is your Global Connection

Opportunity to participate as FIRST OCCUPANTS of new strategically located industrial park.


New and major INTERMODAL TERMINAL served by CN INTERMODAL and truck transportation container FREIGHT FACILITY

Unparalled VISIBILITY, EXPOSURE and access to the new Regina Bypass and service road, Highway #1 and #33 (Arcola Avenue), CN rail service

 Employee recruitment opportunities to maximize quality of life by being able to LIVE, WORK and PLAY in an integrated community.


Major new COMMERCIAL AREA abutting to provide service and retail (Costco first tenant)

Existing successful and substantial INDUSTRIAL BASE (AGT and Nutrasun)

Water, city fire, police ambulance EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES and medical facilities brought to second line

150 ACRES DEVELOPABLE LAND with 800 m school zone radius